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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Freemasonry so special to a Mason?

Ask any member and they generally will reply that enjoyment is the cornerstone, that and our rituals, charitable work and helping all kinds of people.


What kind of person can become a Freemason?

The principle qualifications are that he is usually 21 years or older, of good character and believes in a Supreme Being – his God. He is expected to have good morals, compassion and a kind and charitable disposition.


Is there any personal gain from being a Mason?

No. A Mason should not expect to gain any advantage from membership. If he seeks to do so, he may be expelled.


What would be expected of me?

Members do as much as they wish. though this would be explained in more detail at our first meeting.


Where can I find out more about freemasonry?

Public libraries, the internet our own provincial website (Masonic Province of West Yorkshitre) at: www.wrprovince.net or our national website (United Grand Lodge of England) at www.ugle.org.uk



For further details on Pilgrim Lodge and Freemasonry in gerneral, please see our how to join page.


The Cost:

Lodges charge an annual subscription, which varies depending upon the Lodge. A general figure would vary between £150 and £200. The annual subscription to Pilgrim Lodge is £200.



Anyone wishing to enquire about joining Pilgrim Lodge can do so in several ways.

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